League of Legends: Wild Rift

Đỗ “Elly” Thành ĐạtFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Mid Laner

After his undeniably impeccable journey in AoV with various achievements in both domestic and overseas tournaments, Elly is once again thirsty for a new challenge. Choosing LoL: Wild Rift to be his next glorious conquer, Elly is someone who constantly pushes through his limits to achieve new heights as a professional esports player. And the result of the Team Flash Wild Rift squad has proven Elly made the right choice. “Smart play and full of surprises” are what they often describe our genius.





SHYFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Baron Lane

Nguyễn Chí Khanh aka SHY, the precious gem for Team Flash roster was recruited in Fall season 2021. He quickly outshined his predecessor with his unbelievable talents and sharp eyes in-game. Earning the respect of the community, Shy has become one of the most prominent players of Team Flash. He definitely deserves all the praise and applause.

HinnFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

KoozyFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

TankXFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

TaddyFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

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