League of Legends: Wild Rift

Đỗ “Elly” Thành ĐạtFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Mid Laner

After his undeniably impeccable journey in AoV with various achievements in both domestic and overseas tournaments, Elly is once again thirsty for a new challenge. Choosing LoL: Wild Rift to be his next glorious conquer, Elly is someone who constantly pushes through his limits to achieve new heights as a professional esports player. And the result of the Team Flash Wild Rift squad has proven Elly made the right choice. “Smart play and full of surprises” are what they often describe our genius.

SHYFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Baron Lane

Nguyễn Chí Khanh aka SHY, was recruited to Team Flash on a hot summer day for the Winter Season 2021. He quickly outshined his predecessor with his completely insane talents and reflexes. People start talking about Shy being one of the most prominent players of Team Flash, because he is just that good!

JoyceFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia


Phạm Quốc Thắng aka Joyce is called “Genius” simply because of his crazy skills which can easily outplay anyone from the other side of the map. It is said that there are many rumors and whispers in the gaming house of Joyce’s intense daily training in order to obtain his inhuman reflex. Since joining Team Flash, Joyce aims to be the best player in Vietnam and to step into the highest level of achievements.

DylingFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Dragon Lane

Mai Văn Thanh Phúc aka Dyling is the youngest player ever take part in the SEA Icon Series, Dyling is trying his heart out to learn from the best and to polish his skills in the battle. Every time we look at Dyling, we see the future. Dyling is truly our next generation who will bear the flame of Team Flash.

LetinaFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Sub. Mid Laner

Bùi Trọng Tín aka Letina is the one and only gem in Summoner’s Rift who is so versatile that no one would ever know what his next move in-game will be. He has been with Team Flash since day one, playing a great role in building the team’s legacy from ground zero. And we can see that there is no stopping Letina in dominating the scene very soon with his strategy and prowess.

glorYDFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia


Đặng Quang Vinh aka glorYD – The greatest supporter you could ever ask for both ingame and in real life – We are talking about glorYD. His deadly silence is also mistaken for harmless friendliness. However, all of the opponents soon pay the price for such a crucial mistake. He is silent, he is disciplined, he is effective, but most importantly he is always there whenever his team needs him.

SAIFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia


Lâm Văn Kiệt aka SAI is amongst the first players who reached the highest in-game competitive tier of Challenger in Vietnam. SAI is famous for his superhuman strategy move to effortlessly in countering enemy’s tactics. After his first successful season with Team Flash ranked 4th in Pre Icon Series, SAI has decided to challenge himself in a role as an Analyst. He believes that the power of statistic could reveal so much about the game, the players, and the opponents, leading him and the team to greater heights.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

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Top 4 Icon Series Spring 2021

League of Legends: Wild Rift

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