Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

FenrirrrFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Team Captain – Tank

Nashrudin Bin Kamsani, A.K.A “Fenrirrr” kickstarted his career in the MLBB pro circuit three years ago, when he made a bold leap to join an Indonesian outfit in the IND MPL. Eventually he made his way home and has been a mainstay in the MY/SG scene for the past couple of years. During his tenure, he has achieved the “King of KDA” during his SG/MY MPL Season 3 stint and also the “2nd Highest Assist” during Season 1 of SG MPL. In addition to this, he is also an experienced coach, able to share his wealth of knowledge across teams and regions.

PokemonFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Offlane (Gold)

Ng Jun Hong A.K.A “Pokemon” – A veteran player in the MLBB competitive scene. Coming in 2nd in MPL SG/MY Season 6 as well as 1st in MPL SG Season 1 scene making him one of the best players in MY/SG. Apart from competing in the region, he’s also shown a great deal of success on the world stage, managing a Top-8 in MPLI 2020, as well as Top 8 in the M2 World Championships.

a1a2Flag of Canada - Wikipedia

Support / Mage 

William Heese A.K.A. “a1a2” is a university student by day, pro player by night, and is an up-and-coming Support player. In his first season of competitive play, he reached placed a respectable 3rd place in MPL SG Season 1.

DarAFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Offlane (EXP)

Wendall “DarA” Sean Tan is also a fresh face in the MLBB pro circuit and is an up-and-coming offlaner. In their first season of pro-play, they placed a respectable 4th place finish in MPL SG Season 1.

tsunaaFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia


Goh Hao Ming A.K.A “tsunaa”, competed in the MPL SG Season 1 and placed amongst the Top 4 teams. During his tenure, he achieved the Highest Kill MVP during the regular season.

Aeon Flag of Singapore - Wikipedia


Ong Wei Sheng A.K.A “Aeon”, a veteran player in the MLBB SG/MY competitive scene. During his tenure, the teams he played for maintained Top 4 throughout 5 seasons in MY/SG. And in addition to this, he achieved Top 8 in MPLi 2020 as well as Top 8 in M2 World Championship. With the experience he had in the scene, he spearheads the team’s title fight as Team Flash MLBB coach.

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