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“The player who has everything” is what they often talk about Palette (Nguyen Hai Trung). He is handsome. He is friendly. And the most of all: He is very talented. But there is one more thing you should know of this golden boy whom is sought after by every teams in LoL — He is the most disciplined player ever! Palette played his first professional game in 2017 and quickly rose up to the top with unwavering motivation. Palette is indeed one of the most precious gems who chooses Team Flash to be his destination for his big dream: To the Worlds.

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Behind his friendly smile and his friendly face, Yoshino (Le Trung Kien) is a real danger in Top Lane with his impeccable performance. Yoshino is a man of few words who would like to finish all business on Summoner’s Rift. With the mind of steel and the heart of fire, he definitely an obstacle others should watch out for!

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If you are a newcomer of Team Flash, you’d better look out for Divkid (Vo Thanh Tung). Because soon you will realize this boy is true dynamite. Divkid is so friendly that he would take you on a house tour on the first second you set foot in our Gaming House. He’s a very likable person in real life, but you should not take that for granted going into competitions. You’ll regret it! His deadly skills of being a top Marksman for years will definitely give you or anyone who dares to stand to oppose him a-not-very-pleasant-time in the bot lane.

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Since his debut games, Phan Cong Minh aka Stark has always been both a fan favourite and top team favorite thanks to his insane plays and high skills ceiling. Playing with many other teams prior, he’s ripped his way through success with every team he’s fought for, making Stark one of the most successful Top Laners in the Vietnam LoL pro circuit. With his in-game name being “Stark, it’s no wonder he draws so many parallels to the fictional character — always a force to be reckoned with and keeping enemies on their toes. There is only one target on Stark’s mind, and that is to win and make his way to Worlds!

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Watch out! Meliodas (Hoang Tien Nhat) could be lurking somewhere preying on you while you are too busy doing chit chat with your folks on Summoner’s Rift, commenting on his “probably another poor jungler”. This boy is a silent killer who prefers a great victory with his teammates rather than all the golds for himself. However, if you are loud, he is going to find and hunt you down!

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The one who thrived his best all the way to professional LoL in Vietnam, please meet Pake aka Huynh Thanh Hoang. Pake who? Pake is the one who tries to give his 200% in every games he plays. Pake who? Pake is a loyal friend and a great teammate to fight aside. He is probably not on top of your mind, but he is a teammate who never gives up. And he is one of us here at Team Flash.

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