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YoshinoFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia


Behind his friendly smile and his friendly face, Yoshino (Le Trung Kien) is a real danger in Top Lane with his impeccable performance. Yoshino is a man of few words who would like to finish all business on Summoner’s Rift. With the mind of steel and the heart of fire, he definitely an obstacle others should watch out for!

StarkFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Head Coach

Since his debut games, Phan Cong Minh aka Stark has always been both a fan favourite and top team favorite thanks to his insane plays and high skills ceiling. Playing with many other teams prior, he’s ripped his way through success with every team he’s fought for, making Stark one of the most successful Top Laners in the Vietnam LoL pro circuit. With his in-game name being “Stark, it’s no wonder he draws so many parallels to the fictional character — always a force to be reckoned with and keeping enemies on their toes. There is only one target on Stark’s mind, and that is to win and make his way to Worlds!

IkagaiFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Sub / Jungle

Trần Bảo Quang aka Ikagai. Officially debuting under Team Flash at the 31st SEA Games selection round, Ikigai was quickly impressed by Lee Sin’s extremely magical performance. Not only did he annoy opponents with his mischievous ganking moves, Ikigai’s excellent individual skills were also a topic of the audience throughout that competition week. Looking at Ikigai, we can see that this guy is the future of VCS.

NogoFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia


Trần Quốc Đạt aka Nogo. 17 years old with the dream of conquering VCS, Nogo initially asserted his ability when facing extremely strong names in Mid lane. Showing no weakness, he demonstrated great skill against his competition. Surely in the near future, Nogo will become a household name. It’s understandable because this guy is really talented!

ArteFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia


Vũ Ngọc Hiền aka Arte. Not like many other players, Arte started his professional career quite late at the age of 22. Fighting against all odds, Arte becomes a true inspiration for other teammates. He often finds himself in the list of the most hardworking players within the team as well as being a sweet guy to hang out with.

MarcusFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Sub / Top 

Đinh Bùi Quốc Cường aka Marcus. After making a strong impression in his debut match with Gwen or Camille, it’s hard to dispute that Marcus is the hottest name in the Top lane. Although his professional career has only been a short few months, Marcus has confidently placed himself on the same level as other top players.

Cheon-Ho-JinFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Assistant Coach 

Before coming to Team Flash, Jin worked for a long time with many VCS B teams and helped them excel in winning the test ticket at VCS A. Coming to Team Flash, Jin did not have any goals. Only the dream of winning the domestic tournament and reaching the World Finals.

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