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Mid Laner

Trần Xuân Bách aka XB is no doubt the most influential MID Laner in Vietnam AOV. He was born 7th August, 1997. He has joined Team Flash for over 3 years and helped the team to reach the top status in many tournaments. At the age of 24, he has reaped a great success in his career and is one hell of a role model for the next generation player.

Personal Achievements:

Mid Lane MVP – AOG Winter 2018
Best Mid Laner – AOV 2019
MVP – AIC 2019
Playoffs 2 – Game 7 First Sting Kill – AOG Winter 2020
Playoffs 2 – Game 2 First Sting Kill – AOG Winter 2020
Best Line-Up Mid – AIC 2020
Best Mid Lane – AOG Spring 2021

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Trần Đức Chiến aka ADC, grew up with Team Flash since the very beginning of the organization. He quickly proved himself in battlefield with crazy talents, which made him the most successful Jungler in the game. However, his reign has just begun because he is just 22!

Personal Achievements:

Jungler MVP – AOG Winter 2018
Best Jungler – AWC 2019
Overal MVP – AWC 2019
Best Line-Up Jungler – AIC 2019
MVP of Week 2 – AOG Winter 2020
Playoffs 2 – Game 4 First Sting Kill – AOG Winter 2020
Clear Men Active Clean (Most Public Votes) – AOG Spring 2021
Clear Men of the Season – AOG Spring 2021

ProEFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia


Trần Quang Hiệp aka ProE was born 17th June 1998. He is one of the first member of Team Flash AoV and has been playing a great part of team glory ever since. This boy was born to play eSports! He used to be very successful in League of Legends. And with his bold leap to AoV, ProE has proven his crazy talent is no joke!

Personal Achievements:

Support MVP – AOG Winter 2018
Playoffs 2 – Game 5 First Sting Kill – AOG Winter 2020
Best Support – AOG Spring 2021
Clear Men Active Clean(Most Assists) – AOG Spring 2021

GẤUFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia


Phạm Hồng Quân aka GẤU, was originally from ProArmy. Born in the year 1994, this makes him the oldest amongst the boys. However, age is just a number because it is through merit that he earned his spot through natural leadership skills both online and offline.

Personal Achievements:

Solo Lane MVP – AOG Winter 2018
Best Line-UP Dark Slayer – AIC 2020
Clear Men Active Clean(Most Kills) – AOG Spring 2021

DAIMFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

AD Lane

Nguyễn Thành Trung aka DAIM was born 22nd Dec 1999. He has been with Team Flash for only a year but it took no time for him to prove himself a great fit for the team with his personal award as “The Best AD Lane” in AOG Spring 2021. How impressive is that!

Person Achievements:

MVP of Week 6 – AOG Spring 2021
Best AD Lane – AOG Spring 2021

GrayFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Sub Jungle

Khưu Khắc Bình Khánh aka Gray is the youngest and the newest member under the roof of Team Flash. The internal competitiveness at Gaming House has never been better since his day of arrival. Because the boys know how good Gray is, they’re always striving to keep up with his competitiveness.

Personal Achievements:

MVP of Week 3 – AOG Spring 2021

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