Our People

Mark ChewFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Chief Executive Officer

Mark has held commercial and leadership roles at a global sports agency, broadcast media and government positions. While his business acumen put him on the road to success, his fervent support for Liverpool FC and the Singapore national football team ensured his found joy in his various roles.

At MP & Silva, Mark as Head of Media Sales (APAC) was involved in distributing major international sports content and leading key projects such as the broadcast of the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, DBS Regatta, and launching StarHub’s live sports news show SuperSports 360.

Pol TranFlag of Vietnam

Esports Director, Vietnam

Pol has over 12 years of experience in the field of esports and education industry. He has been an Esports Professor for Ho Chi Minh University of Sport since 2013, and heads the Referees Committee for Vietnam Recreation and Electronic Sports Associate (VIRESA) since 2021.

He founded the University Esports Championship (UEC) in 2011, and Esports All Stars Tournament in 2016. While as a Marketing Director in Cybercore, Pol has helped Cybercore grow more than 500%, from only 2 PC stores to 100 PC stores within two years.

Pol’s main goal is to grow Vietnam esports to the size it deserves, and prove that electronic sports is equally a sport.

LanceFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Finance Director, Vietnam

As an ACCA member, Lance has more than 10 years of experience in Accounting and Finance.

He had been a former Audit Manager at DFK Vietnam before he decided to pursue his lifelong interest in the gaming industry. Lance joined VNG Corporation as a Financial Planning and Analysis Specialist for the game publishing department. Learning and working in the biggest game publisher in Vietnam was an opportunity for him to understand the esports industry and strengthen his belief in the future of esports.

Today, Lance continues his journey by becoming a member of Team Flash because his dream is to support and inspire the future of esports believers.

Joseph YeoFlag of Singapore - Wikipedia

Regional Esports Manager, Singapore & Thailand

Joseph, also known as Zarate, began his journey in esports as a professional FIFA esports player. He began competing when he was 16, and has attained high placements in multiple regional and global championships, including winning third place in the EA Champions Cup (EACC) Winter 2016. Due to his experience, Joseph is very capable of liaising with players and teams across the industry.

Joseph aims to grow the Singapore esports scene and develop it into a sustainable and fair environment for all.