14 September, 2021 (Singapore) – One of Southeast Asia’s leading education groups XCL Education in partnership with Southeast Asia’s fastest growing Esports franchise, Team Flash, announced today a Memorandum of Understanding that will see the launch of Singapore’s first-ever school-based Esports programme at XCL World Academy.


As the flagship school of XCL Education, XCL World Academy has created an Esports facility within the school called, ‘The Garage’ which will be equipped with a large wall-to-wall LED screen, 24 high performance gaming stations, 2 flight simulators, 2 racing rigs, and 4 VR stations, in addition to a robotics / drone lab. XCL World Academy has also finalised plans to create a multi-purpose Esports arena with a capacity for hundreds, as part of a $35 million new high school innovation block to support the growth of this programme.


XCL Education CEO, Brian Rogove remarked, “We understand the skills needed in the new future of work and have always strived to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to education. By offering an Esports programme and more importantly a venue where our students can learn, interact and immerse themselves in the benefits of the global phenomena of Esports, we are able to better prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.


The objective of our partnership was to develop the key skills of students not just in various aspects of the Esports and gaming industry through hands-on learning and coaching, but also skills that will be crucial to their success in the future, such as leadership, teamwork, communication and problem solving. Given the huge success of Team Flash coupled with their knowledge and know-how, it was clear that they could enrich the student experience and nurture talent through hands-on learning and access to their expertise and network. ”


The Esports club will be student-run supported by an extracurricular Esports student committee who will oversee the end-to-end operation and management of the club and associated activities. Team Flash will provide coaching by experience Esports players, along with seminars and dialogues and internships provided for exposure into the rapidly growing Esports ecosystem. League and competition organisation support will also be provided across the XCL group of schools and beyond.


Team Flash CEO, Mark Chew said, “We’re delighted to partner with XCL Education in bringing a formal mode of learning to the fastest growing sport in the world, Esports. Given there are over a billion people identifying themselves as online gamers, it makes sense to help identify and help develop these critical thinking skills needed to succeed in this industry.