Singapore, 10 September 2021 – Team Flash continues to grow their list of partners with local gaming spectacle brand, Hyperion Gear (Hyperion), coming on board. Hyperion will sponsor Team Flash’s Singapore division with individually customised spectacles and monetary support; the initial phase of the partnership starts immediately and will see the team through to the end of 2021. This collaboration between two local gaming companies further establishes Singapore’s status as a hub for the rapidly growing esports industry.

Deemed as Singapore’s first gaming eyewear brand endorsed by professional gamers, Hyperion is dedicated to producing high-quality gaming glasses that reduce blue light and make it easier for gamers to focus without straining their eyes. Founded by a Singaporean optometrist, the company produces products that are backed up scientifically through extensive research and development. Despite only launching in August, Hyperion is already looking to expand its product line by including models suitable for children. They are also looking to venture into countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, all of which have a strong footprint in the esports scene.

Hyperion CEO, Lee Feng Yuan said “Team Flash is one of the leading esports teams in Southeast Asia and we are pleased to work with the team and support the wellbeing of their athletes. As an avid gamer myself and using the experience gained from my career in the optical industry, Hyperion commits to further enhance our products through feedback from these elite athletes to ensure that we positively contribute to the growth of the esports scene in Singapore.”