Wen jun “hibidi” Chiang

The most recognized FIFA player in Southeast Asia, Hibidi has cemented his legacy with several accomplishments such as third place at the EA Champions Cup and a two-time WCG winner.


Aaron “J0K3R” Gomez

An experienced and respected veteran in Malaysia’s FIFA Online 3 scene, J0K3R came to prominence last year after emerging champion in the Road to Vietnam qualifiers.


Darren “RippedJean” Gan

With numerous accolades at just the age of 20, RippedJean has the potential to go far in the scene as the best player in Malaysia and cement his legacy in eSports.



Nicholas ‘EHWAH’ Xing

Previously a star player in Team Flash’s Dota 2 squad, EHWAH now represents the organization in Hearthstone, with several impressive accomplishments such as qualifying for the SHINE major event and 3rd place in the ROG Hearthstone championship.


Wesley ‘LambySeries’ Seek

New to the Hearthstone and eSports scene, LambySeries joined together with EHWAH this year to represent Team Flash. HIs most impressive results to date include 1st place at SHINE Festival and 12th in the Hearthstone Thailand major.