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    •   After five weeks of TLC Spring 2017, Team Flash stands on the verge of being crowned Singapore champions this Sunday and representing the country in the Garena Premier League. We sat down with Raven and Ciela, the Mid and AD carry of the team to speak further about the team's success this season. 
          It's been a gruelling 5 weeks of league play but you're finally here and ready to claim the title of Singapore's best League team this weekend. How has this season panned out so far?
        Ciela: I think we had a bit of a slow start in the first two weeks, but by the third week our games were much more clean and decisive and i think we're in a good position to win   Raven: We were coming into this season as the favourites to win so it wasn't a big surprise for us to win all our games this split. However we were abit shaky in the first few weeks but we managed to perform to our full potential in the next few weeks  
        You've managed to maintain a pretty much flawless record so far but it looked alot closer than that on several occasions, especially the games that went to the wire resulting in several 2-1 victories. Was there any point throughout the season you felt there was a danger of losing your streak?
      Ciela: There is always extra pressure / nervousness going into a game 3 but i feel that our team has the most capable players so i was sure that we were able to pull the series back and keep our streak   Raven: For me, as long as I play to my standard i wouldn't feel bad for losing but there was a situation where we were stomped by NYZ? (If i remember clearly in game 2), i was definitely tilted and was scared of losing to them but we still manage to cool ourselves down and come out on top as we were the better team
        Team Flash holds an undefeated record over every other top team in Singapore, and is the favorites for the national finals this weekend.   Tell us a bit more about the current team and the rest of your teammates. You all have been regarded as one of the most stable teams this split having retained the core of your roster for the past two years. Roster consistency has been one of the hotly debated issues, not just for League but in the global esports landscape where even the top teams make changes after every season. What is your philosophy towards growing & succeeding as a team?   Ciela: Personally, i think that teams should be able to resolve any potential problems through discussion and practice instead of simply replacing a player. There is no easy road to success and if a team can overcome these obstacles together and become better, they'll definitely be the champions   Raven: I think my teammates are very fun to hang out with and most of them are the best players at their roles. However our bot lane needs to buck up sometimes...
          (Ciela) You have been regarded as one of, if not the top AD carry in Singapore today and your results so far at the mere age of 17 is a reflection of that. What do you think is the difference between the top 1% and the rest of the chasing pack in terms of the role you fulfill in the game?   Ciela: For ADCs, the most important factor is dealing consistent damage. From experience, the other ADCs that i see are unable to do this because they are either 1) too scared to walk up to deal damage or 2) walk up too far and get caught (something i too am guilty of at times) but if you are able to balance it out and find the right time to deal damage, you will easily find yourself carrying the game.
        (Raven) The current roster has a great mixture of youth and experience with Arkpanda leading the team, and at only 16 years of age you are the youngest player in the team and the Singapore scene today. Do you feel your age is a factor when it comes to playing competitively, and do you expect your play-style to develop in the future as you continue to mature in age?   Raven: I would definitely feel the burden because of my young age, as my parents do not allow me to play on weekdays due to having important examinations at 16 years of age and of course I wouldn't be able to take part internationally as 17 is the minimum age for participation. If i continue to train up and not slack off from playing league, I feel my skill level would not drop     (Raven) Both the community and many critics have labelled you as one of the upcoming talents from Singapore with your consistent performances and impact as the mid-laner of the team.   Some have even touted you for a career at the very top potentially following in the foot-steps of Chawy, who is still arguably Singapore's success story when it comes to League. What are your thoughts on being given that label?   Raven: It definitely feels good to be called the young Chawy by the community and being able to perform to my fullest is also a proud moment for myself. But i would not stop training harder with those remarks as i want to be able to win international midlaners such as Boba Marines, Optimus etc.     Let's talk about the current state of the regional scene. With the disbanding of Saigon jokers and Vietnam which has traditionally been a top contendor for the GPL every season since the Sentinel days, who are the teams to look out for regionally this season?   Ciela: BKT who were 2nd at gpl last season are still looking strong, and now boba marines have taken the throne in vietnam, you can probably expect them to put up a huge fight too   Raven: i feel that every team in GPL are very strong especially Gigabytes marines from Vietnam and Bangkok Titans from Thailand. I fully trust Cralix to fill in my role and be one of the best mid laner in GPL.  
        Raven, let's talk briefly about the situation between Cralix and yourself. With you getting majority of the play-time this season, describe to us the preparations you all have made for the transition of Cralix to the mid role if you all qualify for GPL.   Raven: As i am unable to play during weekdays, Cralix would usually play mid for scrims and Cralix as a player has always been consistent and his champion pool is very stable. So it wouldn't be an issue for us for the upcoming GPL if we manage to qualify.   Ciela: Both cralix and raven have very different playstyles so it is abit challenging for us as a team to be able to adapt and suit both playstyles but we have been getting alot better at it     Ciela, we notice you have been quite the poet with some of your literary works online! What are your cultural hobbies or passions besides eSports as growing teenagers? Is there something else you've both wanted to pursue besides playing League professionally?   Raven: I haven't really thought much about my future aside from thinking about becoming a professional gamer internationally ~_~.   Ciela: Aside from gaming, i really like dance and i was thinking of picking it up (hip hop/b-boy) but i never got the chance to, so i ended up playing the dance game at the arcade instead. As for poetry, I liked reading and writing ever since i was young so i wanted to do something along those lines if possible, like becoming an author or maybe even a scriptwriter for a drama/movie/musical.     Based on how the season has gone and the scrims you all have had with your League counterparts in Asia, do you all feel Team Flash stands a good chance of winning Singapore our first inaugural GPL title if we emerge as champions this weekend?   Raven: If we continue to play like how we did in the past few scrims, we definitely do not have a good shot at winning GPL. However if we manage to improve drastically and be more consistent, we might be able to defeat all odds and become Singapore first GPL champions.   Ciela: I think that the games will definitely be very close. While teams like Bangkok Titans and Gigabyte Marines are much stronger, we have given them a run for their money when we are on form. now all that's left is to look for consistency at that level and we could be seeing our first gpl win     eSports has been experiencing an upward trajectory in the last two years and shown great signs of breaking into the mainstream. However, Southeast Asia has not seen the same level of growth. What do you all feel is lacking specifically for League in Singapore at the moment?   Raven: It is pretty hard to be successful in eSports in Singapore because of parents, studies and especially NS. Players in Singapore have the mechanics in game but lack the passion to venture out of Singapore due to the problems i listed on top.   Ciela: I think the most important is the fanbase. Fans from other SEA countries like vietnam and malaysia have extreme support for their teams and passion for the game. Ever since SGS disbanded there hasn't been a team for Singaporeans to unite behind and as such no one really bothers to support us when they could be supporting other pro teams overseas. Looking back at TLC Winter 2015, there were several thousand Malaysian fans who came all the way down from their different states to KL just to support the finals between KLH and ES at the Garena Cyber Games. If you asked Singaporean LoL players to come down and support, you probably would return empty handed. It is precisely because of this lack of fanbase that we players cannot convince our families/the government that pursuing an eSports career in Singapore is worthwhile.          
    • Halo semua!

      Pagelaran e-Sports terbesar ditahun ini yaitu PBGC 2017 dan PBLC Season 1 2017 telah usai. PBGC  kali ini dilaksanakan di Sasana Budaya Ganesha ITB Bandung dan diadakan hanya 1 hari saja pada tanggal 18 Maret 2017. Kondisi hujan di sekitar daerah sabuga tidak menurunkan semangat para Troopers Bandung untuk datang dan menyaksikan idolanya bertanding untuk memperebutkan total hadiah 500juta dan tiket menuju PBGC 2017 di Moskow, Rusia.   Persaingan sengit terjadi di PBGC kali ini. Dimulai dengan kualifikasi secara grup dengan dibagi 2 yaitu grup A & grup B. Grup A diisi oleh Endeavour389, iON M0B, DGW WR9, Awesome45 dan team Guardian Force. sedangkan grup B diisi oleh Crafty 217, Legendary Execream, JKOSAV Evo WR9 dan QFive389.   Match demi match berlangsung dan akhirnya yang mewakili grup A adalah juara 1 grup A teamGuardian Force dan Endeavour 389 yang menempati posisi kedua. sedangkan yang mewakili grup B adalah Juara 1 Grup B JKOSAV Evo WR9 dan runner up Legendary Execream.   Match semifinal pertama antara teamGF melawan Legendary Execream berlangsung sangat singkat. teamGF yang sebelumnya menjadi juara PBNC 2016 langsung bermain cepat dan berhasil menumbangkan Legendary Execream dengan skor 6-0 di map Stormtube.   Match kedua antara JKOSAV Evo WR9 dan Endeavour389 berlangsung seru. JKOSAV yang menjadi kuda hitam pada PBGC kali ini bermain cukup baik namun strategi dan pengalaman dari team Endeavour 389 membuat JKOSAV harus tumbang dengan skor 9-5 di map stormtube.   Sampailah pada final PBGC 2017 dan kembali bertemu teamGF WR9 dan Endeavour389. Disebut-sebut sebagai "el-clasicco" dari Pointblank, Pertandingan antara Endeavour dan teamGF terjadi sangat sengit. Format BO3 berlangsung dan map yang dipakai adalah Stormtube, Midtown dan Luxville. Map Stormtube berhasil dimenangkan Endeavour389 dengan skor 7-2. Namun memasuki map midtown, map andalan dari teamGF yang sebelumnya di Group Stage teamGF berhasil mengalahkan Endeavour389 di map ini. Di midtown, teamGF berhasil mengalahkan Endeavour389 dengan skor 7-4 dan memaksakan masuk ke map ketiga yaitu Luxville.   Di map Luxville, Endeavour389 berhasil mengalahkan teamGF dengan skor 9-6 dan membuat teamGF harus puas di posisi runner-up. Endeavour389 menjuarai PBGC 2017 dan membawa pulang uang tunai 100 juta rupiah dan tiket menuju PBWC 2017 di Moskow, Russia.

      Selamat untuk Endeavour 389 dan Selamat berjuang di PBWC 2017 Moskow, Russia !   Source Photo : Facebook Garena Point Blank Indonesia
    • List tim yang mendaftar (FULL SLOT) :

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      7. NoLife 1
      8. NoLife 2 9. Kvlterizzer 1
      10. Kvlterizzer 2
      11 . Recca Project 1
      12. Recca Project 2
      13. Emp.Ranger
      14. Team nxl 1
      15. Team nxl 2
      16. nxl Genesis 1
      17. nxl Genesis 2
      18. Little Danger 1
      19. Little Danger 2
      20. Theforce3 1
      21. Theforce3 2
      22. Lanang Casanova
      23. Smoke Stealer
      24. Boom.ID 1
      25. Boom.ID 2
      26. Cloudburst
      27. Syndicate 1 
      28. Syndicate 2
      29. Tiwic 
      30. Mercenaries 1
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      32. Team Visk 1
      33. Team Visk 2
      34. Xlr8ion 1
      35. Xlr8ion 2
      36. Syndicats8
      37. Alive_
      38. Veluxa Esports
      39. HARD BALLZ 1
      40. HARD BALLZ 2
      41. Female Fighters 1
      42. Female Fighters 2
      43. Madun
      44. Player Buangan 1
      45. Player Buangan 2
      46. N3 Fraggers 1
      47. N3 Fraggers 2 
      48. Carnivorex 
      49. Ekonya Ga Ikut
      50. Ekonya Ga ikut
    • Remaining undefeated, Flash deservingly claim the first seed, leaving NyZ and Sovereign left to duke it out in the semi-finals to challenge Flash.     BTS vs Flash ( 0 - 2 )       A strong showing from Flash as they look to maintain absolute control over the game, developing a strong gold lead across the board, whether it’s Raven or Cralix in the mid lane absolute pressure from the two sets up for a beautiful game. The current Flash, while strong, relies rather heavily on the mid laner, especially with the current mid lane centric Meta game, ad carries generally just take too much time to scale and often times find themselves with severe mana issues. With a strong player holding the helms, Flash looks like they have a straightforward plan laid in front of them. This rinse and repeat methodology that FL has adopted, has obviously shown results, making it a simple decision to make continue playing the same way they’ve always had. Something that is interesting is the wider variety of champions played against BTS, where Bangtan Swoop looked to play generally more favoured picks of the scene. With this sudden expansion in the champion pool during the second match, it could very well disrupt the flow of opponent teams who have been played against the same champions day in and day out, making it muscle memory. While opponent teams train to handle what Flash has planned, this curve ball may be an indicator for something bigger as we look to the Best of 5 in the finals.     An interesting run for the veteran team, who have look like they play according to the results of a coin flip, either performing incredibly well or severely underperforming. Despite the struggles this team has faced, whether in regards to finding the players on short notice after the initial team disbanded, they stayed through thick and thin and their involvement has definitely been the bane of some teams. An admirable thing about the team is their ability to commit to calls, acting like a single entity they make split second decision and follow through, for better or for worse. The ability to trust your team and follow a call is an important yet often underrated quality, where a second of hesitation could mean the difference. While Bangtan Swoop didn’t make it to the semi-finals, they’ve definitely had their good games and have proven themselves.   Not your Zone vs Corgi ( 2 - 1 )     A close series for both teams, a battle between cats and dogs, as the feline makes it into the semi-finals. Putting the weight of the world on his shoulders the spectacle that Blaire showed on his Kled was nothing short of amazing. Despite Not your Zone played the game passively giving little for the enemy to abuse, Blaire singlehandedly won his team the game. Small exchanges back and forth gave Corgi the lead, but not in a fashion that would mean they had a secure win, but the solo kills top and Chaaaarge roams set about a great pace for Corgi. However Corgi was not able to win either of the next two games, despite a reasonable performance in lane, they had few siege tools which meant a very difficult time matching the push from NyZ and even when they had the numbers advantage they still couldn’t destroy turrets. As a result of the drafting from Corgi, they ended up on the back foot, with NyZ leading the pace of the game with a leash.     Not you Zone had an arguably strange pick and ban phase opting from comfort picks over traditionally strong champions. Despite NyZ acting as they did, Ataraxia on tanks is an absolute monster, through the second and third game his actions as the tank enabled his team to easily dive turrets take down members of CRG and claim turrets from there. Despite NyZ not really having siege tools either the fact they could steam roll over their opponents, meant the objective game was theirs for the taking.     A good first attempt for the rookie team turned pro, Corgi, as they managed to hold their own against long term teams and with some interesting prospects to forward to in the future if the team manages to stay whole. Not your Zone on the other hand have a lot of prepping to do if they want a chance against Flash, although from their previous match on the surface it looked like a bit of a struggle for Flash there wasn’t ever really a point where Not your Zone seriously pulled ahead, with FL just adjusting accordingly. To be a serious threat against FL, NyZ will have to bring their best and a little cheese on the side to gain a competitive edge, but first will be their match against Sovereign who are looking pretty strong themselves.   Gate Crashers vs Sovereign ( 0 - 2 )   Solid gameplay from Sovereign as they dismantle Gate Crashers who looked a little defeated, not really playing up to their potential. The first game saw Sovereign pioneer some strong picks being played in other regions that have yet to show themselves in our local competition. Heavy dominance in lane made for a simple game, obtaining one objective after the other, leaving GCS with few options. While there were a bunch of reasons that Sovereign managed to win in the fashion they did, it actually had a simple root fact, SVR mechanically played very well. There are moments were it looks like Sovereign is destined to lose the team fight, but outplaying the opponent as they dodge skillshots leading to GCS losing their initial engage advantage, eventually SVR managed to win the fights.     Gate Crashers came in with high expectations and while it was hard to tell exactly how they would perform; the team is still lacking the final nudge from being a rookie team and a pro team. While the line is ambiguous and GCS has definitely played well in The Legend Circuit they have yet to form a solid pro mentality where sportsmanship and competitive spirit bring about radical change in the players. GCS embarked on this journey to see how far they could go, they hold steadfast to their philosophy, maintaining the same strengths and weaknesses they did as when they started going for over aggressive fights leading to a messy teamfight on their end. Hopefully this journey of self-exploration will ignite their competitive spirit, bringing about the next evolution of the team.     Sovereign, while on the right track, are still lacking ever so slightly from being able to handle Flash. Admirable attempts from Sovereigns to be the ones bringing in more champions into the scene, but it’ll take more than picking strong champions to get them the win. Going up against NyZ first, IceDestiny has expressed his confidence in playing against the team, but will the week be enough for SVR to bring about more improvements apart from the growth we’re currently already seeing? Our question will be answered soon enough as the Sovereigns look to claim their throne.   Written by Grandon "gamernissem" Oh
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